Body By Zuzana

Getting a warriorz body following zuzana's workouts.


Week 1: Body By Zuzana Challenge

For the first week of the Body By Zuzana Challenge I will be doing Zwow videos #1-#5. I’m only doing 5 days of Zwow workouts because it is my first workout in 5 days and I know my body will be very sore so I don’t want to push it and dedicate myself to a full 7 days of workouts. I will be drinking a minimum of 2L of water every day. I am not doing anything different with my diet right now because 1, I enjoy food and just don’t want to completely give up some of my processed items and 2, I’m not a horrible eater right now. I intend to follow the eat clean method in the future but for now, the focus is on my workout routine.

These are just some current pictures of me.


15 Minutes to a Body Like Zuzana

If you follow Zuzana Light from her days to her Zwow youtube channel you will know that a recurring statement from her is that it only takes 15 minutes a day to get in shape. Here’s her response to The Angry Trainer when he posted that you cannot get a full workout in 15 minutes a day.

"Anyone who’s telling you that is IMPOSSIBLE to get fit and lean by doing HIIT for only 15 minutes a day like I do is a FAT LIAR and I don’t care what their background is. If it’s a trainer, then it’s even worse because they should know better.

The reason why it gets me so mad is because they are discouraging people by telling them that they have to be on a super strict diet and dedicate at least 45 minutes 5-6 times a week to get fit. It is outrageous!

As a matter of fact any healthy individual can lose weight and get fit and lean by doing short high intensity workouts (15 minutes, 5-7 days a week) and following basic eating habits.

It has been proven so many times by research and by actual trainers and real people that I don’t understand why is it still being questioned?”

So I have decided to do a Body By Zuzana challenge. I will be following Zuzanas videos and try to get in a Zwow workout once a day for the next month. I do get bored with just bodyweight and strength training exercises so I will throw in some yoga sessions following Tara Stiles videos and I will post when I do them and what I do. If anyone wants to join in on this challenge then just email me, follow, or just like this post. The more people who do the challenge the more people will succeed because it’s easier to succeed when you have support.


CBS News Interview with Zuzana Light

While Zuzana Light was still with CBS News interviewed her about her secrets to a hot body.


CBS News: Whats your background? How did you become a fitness guru and junkie?

Zuzana: I am from the Czech Republic and I grew up in very humble surroundings in Prague.

About two-and-a-half years ago I needed some serious butt tigtening, so I started to learn about fitness, exercising and diet. My husband and I started as a way to vlog about the journey toward getting fit.

CBS News: What is your toughest workout? How do you pack so much calorie burning into just 12 minutes? 

Zuzana: Intensity is the key to short workouts, so all of my workouts have to be tough. Ultimately, the intensity depends on how hard you push yourself during the workout. 

Burning calories during the workout is not the only benefit of pushing at your maximum effort. This type of training will boost your metabolism and build lean muscles so that your body will be burning calories long after the workout is over.

CBS News: To get in your shape, are you really doing just the workouts we see on your site or you sneaking in three hours in the gym each day?

Zuzana: I don’t enjoy going to the gym and believe me, I am always just really happy to have my short brutal workout finished for the day. I am not one of those people who enjoys working out for hours, nor do I believe that it is necessary. I have much better and more fun things to do during the day.

CBS News: Talk about what you eat.

Zuzana: My diet is very simple. I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible, which means that I eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. I recently turned vegetarian and I have never felt so light and full of energy. 

I like to share a lot of the recipes that I cook at home for my husband on my blog. I like to keep everything simple so even my meals are easy to prepare and are made from just a few basic ingredients. 

I believe that food is not simply a fuel. Food is something that should be celebrated and enjoyed as one of the great pleasures of life. Simple always means tasty and healthy in my kitchen.

CBS News: What are your secret vices? 

Zuzana: It is not a secret that I have a greedy passion for ice cream. On our recent trip to Italy that my husband and I shared in our travel videos, you can see me gobbling down ice cream in almost every video. 

My husband, Frederick, teased me that I tasted every ice cream flavor in the country. It is not something that I would eat on a daily or even weekly basis, but those Italians really know their ice cream and I was on my vacation - that’s my excuse.

CBS News: You have a huge following on YoutTube. What do people ask you most often? What are the most inspiring questions you get - and the grossest? 

Zuzana: We don’t pay any attention to negative comments. We take the same approach to user comments as we do to our thoughts - we try to keep everything very positive. 

People are asking all kinds of questions about exercise and diet, but what we find the most inspiring is when people share their personal success stories. When someone shares how they have managed to lose weight and transform their bodies thanks to following our workouts and the tremendous positive impact this makes in their lives,it gives us more motivation to keep going.

CBS News: Your imagery on YoutTube is very sexy. Do you think sex appeal is helping to drive your success? 

Zuzana: Of course it has an impact. I think that strength and sex appeal really go hand in hand.

CBS News: What’s the biggest motivator you can use to help people to get in shape: sex appeal, health or something else?

Zuzana: Everyone has their own reasons for getting in shape. It is not a bad thing if your biggest motivation is to look sexy and beautiful. The by-products of that will be health, vitality and well-being. Whatever fuels your desire to work out will result in a positive outcome for your life.

CBS News: Do you ever feel like just spending a week in baggy sweats eating ice cream on the couch? 

Zuzana: That sounds kind of depressing to me. I don’t like sitting on my butt. There are too many things that I would like to accomplish and life is short.

CBS News: Many people on your site ask what about your partner Frederick. Do you whip him into shape or let him slide?

Zuzana: Our blog is about my husband and me and our life together. It really helps to live with someone who has the same goals and shares the same beliefs. 

While I have weaknesses in terms of my diet, Freddy is more apt to skip workouts. We both are constantly working on our weak areas, and having each other for support really helps.



Body By Z Intro

Many have heard of Zuzana Light from I found her when she was with bodyrock and followed her when she left. There’s just something about her character that makes you want to watch her videos and learn all that she does to get the body that she has. There are tons of fitness trainers and gurus on youtube that are helping people everywhere get in the best shape of their life. I subscribe to some of these trainers as well but I have yet to find another trainer whose body reflects what I want my body shape is and what I want it to look like more than Zuzana.

Some comment on the fact that she has a history in the adult business but I say 1, she’s an adult that should be able to make her own decisions without criticism. 2, it’s her past and has nothing to do with the fact that she’s giving health and fitness advice and 3, if you have the body to show off the way she has there’s always going to be someone who’s bitter and upset that they don’t have the body to show off like her.

All I can do is hope that one day I can look in the mirror and be completely proud of the strength and fitness I attain.

photo courtesy: Zuzana Light Facebook